Are you attempting to choose the ideal method to mix and match your jewellery for various events and scenarios so that it complements your own style and makes you feel well-dressed?

We’re here to help you get started with artistically mixing and matching your jewellery like an expert with our top suggestions.

Take a look at our example mixed and matched jewellery combinations for some ideas once you’ve finished reading this article.

Let’s get started…

Begin by deciding on a crucial piece of jewellery to wear for a specific event or with a specific dress. This is a good place to start when it comes to accessorising.

You have two choices here: a more subtle item that will blend in with the other pieces you’ll mix and match it with, or a more striking statement piece that will stick out as the focal point after you’re through.

For a terrific focus piece, check out our mehndi and rose garnet necklace. Our gold stacking ring with a little opal, on the other hand, could be a much more understated starting point.

If you’re going to stack jewellery, it’s typically preferable to focus on one part of the body. Layering bracelets, necklaces, and rings in your main point, whether it’s your neck, wrists, or fingers, is a great idea. Check out our layering necklaces, which include a selection of our favourite necklaces for layering.

If a necklace is your starting point, consider stacking multiple necklaces with it. If you’re stacking necklaces, make sure they’re varied lengths to pull the attention up to your face. Layered necklaces generally have a variety of forms, colours, and materials.

If you start with a ring, you’ll layer on your fingers or maybe your wrist on the same hand.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of wearing tiny pieces of jewellery on other parts of your body, but keep them discreet so they don’t distract from your main point.

Wearing a jumble of similar bracelets, such as a pair of bangles with varied designs or colours that jangle as you move, is a good idea. Alternatively, select one striking piece and combine it with a range of more subdued motifs in the shape of a bracelet or bangle.

Layered necklaces come in a variety of lengths, ranging from choker to opera or beyond. Choose an odd number of necklaces (3 or 5 is ideal) with various or adjustable lengths, however 2 necklaces will do in some cases. Wear necklaces that differ in terms of shape, colour, or texture. Alternatively, pick a main piece that stands out and the others will be more subdued. To make the most of your necklaces in this way, check out our silver and gold necklace extenders.

You may layer rings by wearing a variety of stacking rings. Consider using a single metal colour while altering the designs and textures. Alternately, choose metal colours that are similar in style but differ in colour. Alternatively, go all out and mix and match a variety of metal colours, jewels, textures, and sizes (including adding one or more cocktail rings). It’s amusing to wear an odd number of rings on one hand and an even number on the other.

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