Alufix 10-Tread Concertina Loft Ladder Review – High-Quality Loft Ladders

Alufix 10-Tread Concertina Loft Ladder Review – High-Quality Loft Ladders

Many people who have empty loft space believe that there isn’t enough space to put up a permanent loft ladder. While ordinary loft ladders aren’t suitable for exceedingly small areas, a special style of ladder known as a “concertina” may be used in many circumstances. Many challenges with limited space and loft access may be solved using concertina ladders. The Alufix 10-tread concertina loft ladder is one ladder that works well in tiny areas.

The Alufix 10-Tread Concertina is a concertina with ten treads.

The quality of this loft ladder is the first thing you notice. It compresses neatly into itself and stows out of the way on top of the trapdoor like other articulated concertina loft ladders, ready for use when needed but entirely out of the way when not. This ladder also requires a minimum vertical clearance, making it suited for ceiling heights that aren’t normal. An articulated frame supports a concertina ladder, which unfolds into diamond-patterned stiles between which robust treads are fastened.

Bolts made of sturdy, strong steel or aluminium hold the structure together. This ladder features several stair-like characteristics, such as extra-deep 80mm treads (3 inches) that make climbing easy, safe, and pleasant. The treads are also 340mm wide, which is rather ample. When moving large, heavy, or bulky things, it’s a good idea to use a ladder with a rubberized, non-slip coating on the treads for added security. Choose a model that incorporates safety railings for added stability. A concertina loft ladder with a child safety rail is another crucial element for people with little children.

Alufix’s Additional Features

The Alufix 10-tread has a hinged trapdoor that is operated by simply pulling it down with a pole with a hook attached, thanks to a dual-spring controlled working system. The ladder is held firmly in place by a spring-loaded suspension mechanism. The spring quality is one of the most crucial aspects of a concertina, especially if you want to use it frequently. The Alufix ladder’s springs are of exceptional quality. The ladder comes completely constructed, making installation a breeze. There are no specific tools necessary. The space-saving design just requires a small landing area. The maximum load capacity is 100kg, although it has been tested to support 200kg. If your ceiling opening is exceptionally narrow, this ladder will suit the bill beautifully, requiring a minimum hatch size of 600 x 500mm and a swing clearance of 47mm. The ladder is suitable for rooms with a floor-to-ceiling height of 2.46 m to 2.73 m. (8ft and 8ft11). If you’re on a budget, you’ll appreciate the fact that this ladder uses your existing trapdoor and attaches to the loft entrance frame with the help of an included wooden plate.

Alufix concertina loft ladders are an excellent solution for those with limited space and funds.

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